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Hadn't checked this forum in a long time and completely missed the Kern river festival.  Looking to see if anyone was running any sections of the Kern on any saturdays comming up.  Moved to Southern Cal last summer and only been up to the Sandy Flat to Democrat Hot Springs section once last year by myself.  Wanted to get a few runs in this year on the kern or anything fun no to much further north.  Boarded for several years back in WV on Upper gauley, upper yough and cheat so comforatble on IV-V stuff.  Just message me or give me a call 304-282-8588

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How are things going out there man?  Haven't talked to you in a few months... Cheatfest was a blast this past weekend -- did a night float on the Canyon Friday evening and had a 2.4' day on the Upper Yough Saturday.  Just bought a Thrillseeker and a Jimistyx paddle, which I am picking up this weekend for an inaugural run down the canyon.  Give me a shout if you guys swing back through WV this summer.
doing alright man but working nights now.  would like to get back to WV some point in the next year or so to do some runs or at least gauley season, and may be back for a wedding in august but may also be going to Hati then though.  glad you finally got your seeker and let me know how it goes.

Hey Adam,  I'll be at the Kern for Memorial Weekend, May 27th to 30th.  Also Friday June 3rd to Sunday June 5th.  Let me know if you want to run IV stuff on the Upper with me or I can hook you up with paddlers that will likely be doing IV-V+.  The Kern's flow should be peaking right about then, 9,000cfs is within reach!!!


Hey Dean,  yea that sounds good. I can't make it up until friday afternoon both weekends but can run on saturday both weekends.  Might as well the IV stuff that first weekend and then go from there.  Just let me know where to meet yea on that weekend. 


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